Beat Kitchen #3 @ Bar LEFT (Sept. 7th)

Beat Kitchen #3 @ Bar LEFT

I’ll be playing a few records at the 3rd edition of Beat Kitchen, at the always lovely Bar LEFT.

From the Facebook event page:

let us all unite and enjoy chill vibes, atmospheric beats and funky tunes on the other side of this city. Moving from the Centre and its limitations to the Left side where you can find us in the open air surroundings from Bar Left, who invited us to spread (y)our love for the Beat!
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I’ve been working on this idea that’s been on my mind for a long time: Beatmakology.


It’s basically a website about beatmaking and production – or as I call it – a “collaborative effort among beatmakers to provide educational resources about music production and beat-making culture, and bring attention to the art and science of making beats. By beatmakers. For beatmakers.”.

It’s really about sharing our knowledge and love for this craft, and we will be posting anything from tutorials and articles about the history, to inspirational videos and thoughts. All from beatmakers, musicians, audio engineers and other creatives who’ve fallen deeply in love with music, and have been doing this shit for a while. We aim to provide the kind of left-of field advice that comes with experience, and that you just can’t find easily online these days.

Aside from this, the website also features an amazing online library of historical drum breaks that you can listen to and contribute to, the Holy Grail of Drum Breaks.

We are planning to launch the website in September, once we have enough people to have dope content rolling on a regular basis. In the meanwhile, you can already visit and take a look around!

Champion Sound Beat Battle

I’ll be taking part in the Champion Sound beat battle next saturday at Kavka (Antwerp). All participants were given 4 tracks to sample and flip on a month time + a fifth song a few days before the event. We’ll be presenting our beats and battling each other with our tracks in a 4-round format, followed by an afterparty. Be sure not to miss it, dunno if I’ll make it any far, all I know is there’s loads of talent in here!

Champion Sound beat battle, Saturday 7th of December at Kavka