Champion Sound Beat Battle

I’ll be taking part in the Champion Sound beat battle next saturday at Kavka (Antwerp). All participants were given 4 tracks to sample and flip on a month time + a fifth song a few days before the event. We’ll be presenting our beats and battling each other with our tracks in a 4-round format, followed by an afterparty. Be sure not to miss it, dunno if I’ll make it any far, all I know is there’s loads of talent in here!

Champion Sound beat battle, Saturday 7th of December at Kavka

Happy Thanksgiving!

And here’s a special one for the occasion. This record by Eugene McDaniels caused outrage when it was released in 1971. Senior members of the Nixon administration personally contacted Atlantic Records and demanded that this artist be shelved. Unfortunately, Atlantic gave in to the pressure, and did not record or release anything else by McDaniels again, although he continued to enjoy a successful career as a songwriter. This LP was heavily sampled by the hip-hop crowd over the years, it’s not hard to understand why. Happy Thanksgiving! ;-)